Want to pay your annual membership dues the MODERN WAY?

Tze’irei Anash steps into the 58th century

Tax Deductible Donation

The easiest way to make a tax-deductible donation with the most tax savings for both you and the organization is through a DAF.
You can open one quickly at Fidelity if you don’t already have one.
Tax-Id 84-4771563
👇 If you don’t make tax-deductible donations, continue below. 👇

Membership dues

Specific Donations

One-time Donations

If you pay by credit card, please email yabaltimore@gmail.com to let us know what this donation is for so we can move it into the correct account.
There is unfortunately no place on that site to put in a donation description.
This website lets us process your card with 0% processing fees!